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Jester Is Looking for Staff Members

Jester is looking to fill the positions below for the upcoming fall semester. All inquiries to 

Layout Editor

In charge of taking written pieces and turning them into an actual magazine using Adobe InDesign and Photoshop. Must lay out issue in a manner that is visually engaging and thematically cohesive. There will be 2 major deadlines per semester. Will be able to delegate assignments to an associate layout editor.

Associate Layout Editor

Help Layout Editor create Photoshopped images.


Manage our website, which is a Tumblr (we don’t really get this Tumblr thing). Must know HTML and CSS.

Business Manager

Will set revenue goal for each issue, bring in revenue by selling advertisements, establish/maintain relationships with businesses, and e-mail and visit businesses.

Associate Business Manager

Help Business Manager with e-mailing businesses and going door-to-door.


Make art and cartoons for written pieces, in addition to creating original work.


Write humor articles for us.

  • 1 September 2013